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MEDITATION: BODY SOUL BALANCE: Meditation master and scientist Prembuda’s discoveries and responses to questions of seekers
Prembuda Vrubliauskas


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Guidelines, teaching and practice how to find nature, harmony between body, mind, energies and soul and freedom in life.

The book ‘Meditation: Body Soul Balance’ was born from spontaneous meditation master and scientist Prembuda’s discoveries and responses to questions of seekers of truth, happiness, well-being and spirit, and answers to the journalists, as presented during lectures, mediation courses, individual sessions, TV shows, interviews, ashram life etc.
The topics are spiritual, mental, social, scientific, as well as practical subjects such as matter, life, bodies, emotions, energies, thoughts, the mind, sexuality, health, the soul, harmonious interactions, laws, love and meditation – the balance and sharing of the soul. For convenient use, topics are sorted according to subjects and questions.
This book is an English translation of part of Prembuda’s book ‘Meditation – sharing of the soul’ from 2006, supplemented with a few new insights, discoveries and answers. Among them, are insights about laws of equality, balance and harmony.
This book gives you answers to age-old questions, including recently relevant ones about cloning, in vitro insemination, homosexuality, euthanasia, drugs, smoking, alcoholism, health etc., the soundness of which was confirmed by life and they became inspiring references in the path of life. The book’s author has been meditating in Lithuania for over 27 years. Against all odds, he established the first meditation center and ashram in Lithuania, and continues to embody insights and discoveries in meditations, science, business and life. This book contains only what has been thoroughly explored and confirmed by seeing, experience and life.
Though anticipated, it still remains a miracle that the practice of Osho’s Dynamic and some Kundalini meditations can improve health. Practicing these meditations and applying them correctly for over 20 years has reduced morbidity by around 10-20 times and illness occurs less than one day per year.
It shows that it is a human’s potential, practically a duty, to live wealthy, healthy and happily. Like it is the duty for a life or a seed to be born, grow, bloom and produce fruits.
It is especially inspiring how the author comprehensively explores and meditates Osho’s Dynamic meditation very easily and ecstatically, and he transferred this to life as well as communicated it to the most conscious graduates of Meditation School and Meditation Academy and ashram-people. Moving from some balance to an even deeper balance between an individual and existence, the consciousness circle is born. Moving from the smallest to the biggest, relaxing an individual’s consciousness towards the outside, to the body and matter, as well as towards the inside, to the soul and spirit, an even bigger consciousness circle is born.
The foundation of answers is seeing and realization not from the mind, ideas, ideals, emotions or faiths, but from the balance, flow of power and thought-free consciousness. Insight and answers, on one hand, are born from a local, concrete situation and an experience, on the other hand, from harmony with global eternal truths and laws.
Let’s drink joy and spirit, as well as happiness and love, from the immortal trees of discovery, truth and freedom. Let’s share them and balance ourselves.

Artimiausi renginiai
2023-01-21 - 2023-12-31
Meditacijos mokykla
Prembuda (Vilniuje)

Meditacinė diena ir įvadinis meditacinis turas
Prembuda, Kanta (Vilniuje)

Ošo Kundalini

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